Undernourishment in Sirsia, Nepal

Local children (Traud-Dubois 2011)

Undernourishment of both parents and children is one of the major problems of the area. As a result the mental capacity of the children suffer, too. Consequently, children go to school at a late age. Those who are admitted in time, often find it difficult to cope with the syllabus and gradually drop out. The problem is mainly caused by an imbalanced diet due to poverty and lack of knowledge.

Traditionally, the health of the family members depends very much on the women who prepare the food. Hence the project creates awareness among women regarding balanced diet and educates them in health, childcare and nutrition to solve the problem. Don Bosco sisters regularly meet with women to address these problems and train them with practical demonstrations.

Improved family diet

Sr. Neelu distributing nutricious and supplementary food to babies (Sr. Smitha 2012)

Mothers with babies who are under weight are referred the the Public Health Post. The Nepal government has an excellent programme for mothers and their malnourished babies. At the Don Bosco Health Center the families receive  supplementary food as well as education on balanced diet. Every three month weak mothers and pregnant women get tonic and vitamin tablets. The babies too get supplementary food.