Promotion of animal husbandry

Training on animal husbandry at Inhangoma Training Centre (Tump 2011)

The principal objective of the promotion of animal husbandry is to support unprivileged families and to enhance their living conditions by breeding and selling animals.

What methodology does the program use for the breeding of animals?

A contract is signed in which each participant declares to pay a symbolic amount. Afterward, he or she is obliged to return animals of the same quantity and sex as he/she has received. The returned animals are to be passed on to other families under the same conditions. Each community elects eight of its members to be part of the local committee for the restocking of animals. This committee works to manage and facilitate the activities during the program and afterwards. It has the responsibility to guide the process of animal restocking according to the following outline.




Graphic: How promotion of animal husbandry works
Beneficiaries inspect their animals in Inhangoma Training Centre (Rato 2011)

In each community veterinarians are selected. They will be trained and equipped to guarantee the proper sanitary conditions of the animals. The costs of treatment depend on the measures taken.