Hygiene Education in Nepal

S. Smitha (JEW)

Sister Smitha regularly visits the villages and talks to the families.

She says:

"When I meet patients and diagnose their disease I give them health talk about personal hygiene and environment hygiene and try to make them aware of its importance. When we have monthly gatherings I interact with them and discuss with them about individual health and community health. We make them aware towards it by showing them slides and giving health education."

Basics of hygiene

Villagers keep their huts and surroundings tidy (Traud-Dubois 2011)

Sr. Neelu visits the families in their villages to raise awareness with regard to hygiene. 

Whenever beneficiaries come to the Health Center with health problems, they receive together with medicine basic health tipps. Sr. Neelu explains the need for body hygiene and the importance of keeping the house clean in order to stay healthy. Through previous regular home visits there is already a rapport build to the people, so it is easy to teach them regarding cleanliness. The people of one particular tribe known as Santhal are very clean anyway.