Paddy Husking Scheme

Hand operated winnowing tool (Jacob 2011)
The winnowing team (Jacob 2011)

During the harvest season (November – December) paddy is procured at a reasonable rate and stored in a godown. Since the people are unemployed after that time many women remain idle. In the beginning of the month of February the actual work starts. The group of women formed for this purpose come early in the morning hours to boil the paddy which was already kept under moisture. After boiling it is dried in the sun and after drying it in hot sun it is taken to the mill. From the mill it is taken to the separator (Hand winnowing machine) and the good rice is procured in sacks, weighed and sealed in bags of 50 kilogrammes. Then the rice is stored in the godown and during the price hike season it is sold of and the money kept in the bank for  the next season. Since rice is an essential commodity there is no shortage of market.


Paddy procured  @ NRs. 1500. x 100                   = 150 000.00

Expected Rice out put = 70%

Price of Rice  per quintal                                      = 3500.00 x 75

= NRs. 245 000.00

Running expenses (fuel, accessories)                    = 12 000.00

Gain over 100 quintal in NRs.                               = 83 000.00

In an average of 45 days 200 quintals can be procured and husked (depeding on the availability of capital investment) thus gaining nearly 166 000.00.  Fifteen percentage is put aside for unforeseen expense. Thus there is a gain of 141 100.00 which is shared with the 10 people involved.


Drying of paddy (Jacob 2011)
Detail of paddy husking tool (Jacob 2011)